Antalya Airport (AYT) - Göynük Transfer

Antalya Airport (AYT) - Göynük Transfer


Göynük is connected to Kemer District, the tourism paradise of Antalya.
Göynük is 9 km from Kemer Town center and 35 km from Antalya city center. Göynük, which is very close to Kemer Town Center, does not deprive the tourists who come for the holiday from the beauty of Kemer Town center.
Göynük is famous for its magnificent nature and sea. Göynük is becoming a place to be chosen for the holiday not only because of its sea and beach or its natural beauties, but also because of its proximity to the surrounding historical sites.
If you have decided to go to Göynük, one of the holiday options, we would like to offer you some information about transfers from Antalya Airport to Göynük.
First of all, you will take an important step to go to your hotel in the region you want to go to from Antalya airport or to your private address that you will specify with a reservation related to the transfer you want to make before your trip to Antalya for your holiday.
After coming to Antalya Airport, you have in line with the transfer method you have chosen in line with the information in your reservation, you will be met by the staff of the relevant company in order to reach your transportation either with your private vehicle or with the transfer model with a shared transfer method, and so the second and final stage of your journey begins.
If we need to give some information about the private or shared transfer we mentioned above, let's try to express it to you,
It is a shared transfer model preferred by people traveling as 1 or 2 people, with luxury and comfortable vehicles that are only for you, suitable for the size of your group in line with your private transfer request. Shared transfer is a form of transfer used by many people to share the vehicle along the route of the vehicle and to take people to their destination along this route.
Apart from these, if you ask how transportation is possible, it can be done by buses departing from the bus station every hour.
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