Antalya Airport (AYT) - Titreyengöl Transfer

Antalya Airport (AYT) - Titreyengöl Transfer

TITREYENGÖL, located in Antalya's Manavgat district, is one of the favorite places for tourists. TITREYENGÖL is a small and charming seaside town with a different holiday destination. TITREYENGÖL was founded on the edge of a tributary of Manavgat stream. On the lake side of TITREYENGÖL the tea was enlarged and gave the appearance of a lake. It is named after the trembling of the water due to the effect of the wind when the light wind blows into this lake. And TITREYENGOL is waiting for you to be in your memories.
Of course, this tourist area of Antalya is not just a lake. There are many shopping shops, beautiful coffee shops for relaxation and many bars and nightclubs for fun. There are several options for transportation from Antalya Airport to the titreyengöl hotels area, which is the tourist destination of Antalya. The first of these is a very comfortable and efficient transfer form that takes you from Antalya Airport with luxury vehicles, which we call private vehicles, to your hotel or private address whenever you want at the date and time you specify.
The second option is that there are special vehicles that move from Antalya Airport with multiple people we call shared who move at certain times. These vehicles are very comfortable vehicles that take you anywhere you want, moving at certain hours.You can also reach the TITREYENGÖL hotels with these vehicles.
Apart from these two options, you can go to Antalya Bus Station via Havaş buses from Antalya Airport and then ride to Manavgat vehicles. There are minibuses in the Manavgat centre which move to a hotel area every 20 minutes.You can get on these vans and reach the TITREYENGÖL hotels.While this option is perfectly affordable compared to other options, beer can be difficult and laborious.So it might take you a while.Apart from these options, you can rent a car from the car rental companies located in Antalya Airport.
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