Lara beach

Lara beach

Lara Beach is one of the two most important beaches of Antalya, together with Konyaaltı Beach. Located in the southeast of Turkey's longest sandy beach and a rapidly growing tourism regions. It is within the boundaries of Muratpaşa district. Located 15 km from Antalya city center and 20 km from Antalya Airport, it is a growing tourism center.

The meaning of the word Lara means Sand in the language used by the Hittites and originating from the Hittite period. Beach takes its name from here. Lara Beach is known as one of the longest sandy beaches of Turkey and is growing every day in terms of tourism.

With more than 15 tourism facilities in the region, it is a tourism region whose reputation is increasing day by day, with a bed capacity of more than 30,000, providing high quality service to domestic and foreign tourists, and the bed capacity is expected to rise to over 30,000 with the completion of other facilities under construction. The Aksu river, one of the most beautiful rivers of Antalya, rises from the Taurus mountains, passes through the city center of Antalya and empties into the Mediterranean from the Lara beach region. In addition, the Aksu region took its name from this river. Aksu is located right next to Perge, one of the most important ancient cities in the region. Located at the point where Aksu river flows into the sea, Kundu beach (Lara beach) is adjacent to the Antalya-Lara coast with its magnificent beaches in front of pine forests. Advantages of Kundu-Lara tourism center; It is its proximity to Antalya city center and the airport and its rapid growth.

The demand for Lara Beach, this famous tourism region of Aksu district, which is 20 km away from Antalya airport, continues to increase day by day due to these reasons. As Sunset Transfer, we are proud to ensure that you reach the region in the most convenient way with our comfortable vehicles. Our team is at your service 24/7 for reservations and necessary information.

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