Antalya Airport Tekirova Transfer

Antalya Airport Tekirova Transfer

 The small town of Tekirova included in the resort of Kemer province, it has a population 3.5 thousand. The village offers excellent conditions for a holiday in Turkey with the children. Among young people the resort is n't less popular. The territory of Tekirova wiped with a large Number of 5-star hotels with SPA services. Here you can explore the area, diving (in the city has its own diving center), hiking through the gardens with orange trees, swim in the crystal clean sea and sunbathing. Highlands allows tourists to the mountains and skiing and snowboarding (from November to June, the mountains are covered with snow). You can also go to the club for horse riding. Covering the beaches are mainly small-pebble with crystal clear Mediterranean waters. How to get to Tekirova Village Tekirova is 12 km south of Kemer and 60 km from Antalya. Arriving in Antalya you can book a shuttle to the hotel from the travel agency or get on the bus to Kemer, travel time is about an hour. From there you can get to Tekirova by bus or taxi. Entertainment and attractions in Antalya Cableway Tahtali Cableway Olympic Telefrik (Olympos Teleferik) is located 12 km from Tekirova. It was built in 2007. Antalya Airport transfer It connects the coast to the mountain top Tahtali. The passenger lift is one of the longest ropeway in the world it is the length 4 350 meters.

It has built a Swiss company with Turkish counterparts. The upper deck is located at an altitude of 2 365 meters above sea level. Top tourists get in the cabins 80 people, going up it takes 10 minutes. Observation platform offers viewers a panorama ridge Beydaglari and all mountain seaside resort of Kemer. In summer, telefrik with tourists forwards twice an hour, and in the winter - the ups and downs take place every hour. Mount Tahtali - in itself a tourist attraction. Sahara wind the spring often stained snow in a reddish hue, but because of the clouds that often obscure the mountain, it is rarely seen. Ruins Facelisa The city was built in the VII century BC. e. on a peninsula with three marine bays, which later became the city's harbor. Phaselis is located on the border of Lycia and Pamphylia, he became famous for its wine, pink and olive oils, spices, and local tree cedar. For centuries, the city passed from hand to hand and he experienced periods of prosperity and rapid growth alternating times of calm. In the 13th century almost all the inhabitants left the city due to waterlogging areas, which as a consequence of the city lost its importance. Today it can be seen the ruins of a small ancient theater 1 500 seats and the triumphal arch of Emperor Hadrian, ruins and remains of an acropolis once stood here marketplaces, baths and aqueduct at him from the mountain rivers in the city with water.

In the natural park are ancient monuments, which walk in the shade of tall pines, cedars, eucalyptus and oleander bring heavenly pleasure and the cool freshness of a hot summer day. Environmental Nature Park Tekirova On the ruins of Phaselis tourists will see the remains of the ancient theater, the Acropolis, Hadrian's triumphal arch, or be able to visit the first Turkish reptile park with a unique collection of amphibians and reptiles. The park opened in 2005. It contains more than 360 thousand. Plant species, including thousands of exotic herbaceous plants, trees and shrubs of tropical and subtropical zones imported from all over the world. Great interest is caused a huge exhibition of cacti. Young people who do not want to spend a vacation without discos and nightlife in Tekirova will not get bored, they can visit nightclubs and bars of the city.

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