Kumköy is a tourist area of Side / Manavgat district of AntalyaKumköy neighborhood is very close to the center of ManavgatAntalya is 66 km away from the center. As it is understood from Kumköy name, the beach is composed of sand. The sea is wavy but shallow.. The shallows of the sea are satisfying people in terms of reliability. Kumköy attracts attention not only with the beach and the sea, but also with its natural beauties and historical texture.
Kumköy promises a holiday of endless beauty with its gorgeous nature, glamorous shops, shops for shopping, cafes for relaxing and bars for fun.

There are several options to go to Kumköy from Antalya Airport

V.I.P vehicles moving from Antalya Airport to Kumköy are the comfortable vehicles that we want to move. Another option is available in the so-called private transfer shuttletransfer from Antalya Airport toKumköy at certain times. These two options are very comfortable to reach Kumköy. Another option is to take a bus from Antalya Airport to Havaş buses and get to Manavgat Kumköy buses and get to Kumköy by bus to Antalya bus station. This option is a bit more difficult than other options ,There are also buses and minibuses to move from the Antalya Airport to the Kumköy quarter and the municipality moving at certain times. From the center of Manavgat you can reach Kumköy in 20 minutes. Apart from these options, you can also rent a car from the car hire companies located in Antalya Airport and you can reach Manavgat Kumköy as you like.

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