During these days when the sun showed itself, holiday plans were also on the agenda. The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to holiday is the holiday paradise of Antalya, with its sea, sun and historical tissue, it is a must-see holiday spot for domestic and foreign tourists. Antalya contributes to tourism not only with its center but also with its districts. As the pearl of the Mediterranean in Antalya, it is worth visiting with everything and everywhere. Antalya has the cleanest and most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean. This feature is an indication that it deserves all the words spoken.

How is the transportation in Antalya, which is preferred by local and foreign tourists? How can I go to the place I want from Antalya Airport?

Let's answer questions like this

There are many options to go anywhere you want from Antalya Airport. First of these, there are V.I.P vehicles that move from Antalya Airport to any place you want, these vehicles offer a very comfortable journey. The second option is the transfer you make with other people in the same vehicle, which we call shared transfer. These transfers are the vehicles that take you from Antalya Airport to the place you want at certain times. Apart from these options, Havaş buses are also available.

Havaş buses go from Antalya Airport to certain locations on certain routes. If Havaş buses do not go to your destination, you can go to Antalya Bus Terminal and take the buses that go to the route from there and go anywhere you want. As a last option, you can rent a car from the car rental companies in Antalya Airport and reach the desired location easily.

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