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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

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Complaints and refunds must be forwarded to until 14 (fourteen) days after the transaction date.

The site cannot be used with any unlawfull intent. Any illegal activity by known persons on the site will lead to full legal action against that person. All pictures and text is forbbiden to be copied or distributed by an or all persons that use the site, the information and ideas contained in the site cannot be used in any way by competitors or other known companies in the industry. Full copyright laws apply to all content in the site.

 Users of the sight are by no means permitted to act on behalf of or use any third person information.  If a user of the site does use the site to discredit or give details of a third party then is in no way responsible for these actions. will operate the site within the laws and regulations of the Turkish Trade Practices Act so that unfair trading and practices do not occur and requires users of the site to act in a similar manner. can and may link Access to other sites through its own site and is in no way held responsible for the content material or information contained in these sites . These links are provided only as easy information Access and referances and in no way is confirmed as truth or fact. is in no way held accountable for the trade practices of other sites linked to its own., is free to regulate pricing controls for any and all of its services.

Copyright and legal patent pending;
All staff are held accountable to appropriate confidentiality agreements and in no way are permitted to use, distribute or sell any information obtained from the siteSite. This includes all ?deas and content information belonging to Patents are pending on all information, content and ideas contained in the site.  

Pricing Policy;
All pricing is inclusive of vat and per unit per vehicle.